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Hello, I'm Grace and I am a player for Sunrisers.

Here there is going to be loads of exciting games, some of them being some wordsearches and crosswords, and others will be games that you can play with your family and friends.

Everyone is allowed to have a go at these. If you are not already, make sure that you are a Junior Sunnies Member!

ACTIVITY 1 (AGES 8-11): Cricket Wordsearch                                    ANSWERS

ACTIVITY 2 (AGES 5-7): Spot the Difference                                        ANSWERS

ACTIVITY 3 (ALL AGES): Dice Cricket

ACTIVITY 4 (AGES 8-11): Crossword                                                         ANSWERS

ACTIVITY 5 (AGES 5-7): Secret Detective                                             ANSWERS

ACTIVITY 6 (AGES 8-11): Sunrisers Wordsearch                               ANSWERS

ACTIVITY 7 (AGES 8-11): Spot the Difference                                    ANSWERS

ACTIVITY 8 (AGES 5-7): Cricket Wordsearch                                      ANSWERS

ACTIVITY 9 (AGES 8-11): Find the Sunrisers Stars                           ANSWERS

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