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Ukraine Cricket Federation Middlesex County Cricket Club

8, Bolsunovskaya St Lord’s Cricket Ground

Pecherskyi District St. John’s Wood

Kyiv London

Ukraine NW8 8QN


28th February 2021

To our friends at the Ukraine Cricket Federation,

On behalf of everyone at Middlesex County Cricket Club, and the cricket family, we write to offer you our support, solidarity, and deepest sympathies in these times of unprecedented horror that Ukraine is experiencing

As we watch the media coverage and read news reports of the events that have unfolded in recent days and weeks, it is simply impossible for us to have any comprehension of just how difficult and painful life must have become for you and your fellow citizens, and our thoughts and prayers are with you all, as are our hopes that you all stay safe and well.

It is easy to say that cricket is merely a sport, however we know from the work we do ourselves with communities across our own county and within the boroughs of London, that to those who benefit from their involvement in the game, it is so much more. It offers friendship, inclusion, support, togetherness, a sense of belonging, and unity – this is what makes the cricket family so strong.

To all those in the Ukraine Cricket Federation, and to the thousands of participants who enjoy the game in your country, you have our unwavering support.

Our prayers are with you

Andrew Cornish, Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the Board of Middlesex Cricket and the Middlesex Cricket Family

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