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COUNTY WATCH 24.05.2021

Another weekend of rain and sodden outfields, meant only one match was able to take place involving members of the Sunrisers and Sunrisers Academy.

Middlesex v Essex

This clash was due to take place on 22nd and would have seen a total of 16 Sunrisers senior and academy players meeting on opposite sides. A great effort by the ground staff meant that the umpires inspected the pitch on a few occasions, before deciding that it was simply too wet to play on safely. The game will hopefully be rescheduled.

Cambridgeshire v Hertfordshire

In another Sunrisers v Sunrisers clash, Academy players Isabella Routledge (Sunrisers Academy) and Elsa Barnfather (Sunrisers Academy) were in the squads for Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire respectively in the East Of England County Championship/

Hertfordshire won the toss and put Cambridgeshire in to bat in a reduced over match of 40 overs. Routledge (Acad) opening the batting and reaching 49 as her team put on 169 in their 40 overs.

Cambridgeshire tried to defend their total, Routledge (Acad) taking a wicket along the way, but Hertfordshire reached their revised total in over 33.

Well done to those that managed to play, and to the ground staff for working so hard to allow play to happen! The Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy gets underway on Saturday. Let’s hope for better weather for the regional games, as well as our counties, in the coming weeks.

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