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SOGO – sponsors of Sunrisers – are driving much needed aid to the Poland-Ukraine border to help refugees, and the team are asking for much needed help before they go.

All funds raised will be used to fill the vans with blankets, clothing, medical supplies and food. Any surplus funds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Commenting on the fundraising, Karl Howkins, managing director of SOGO mobility, said: “We are all shocked by what’s happening in Ukraine. It’s an unimaginable humanitarian crisis and we felt compelled to do all we could to help. Iryna, a member of our team, is Ukrainian and deeply concerned about her family. It drives it home that we are all connected to the War in one way or another.

“We’ve backed the fundraising as a company and call on the rest of the fleet industry to support us. All funds raised will go directly to the people that need it most.”

The team from SOGO will depart at the start of next week, and will be fundraising during their journey. To donate to their fundraising, click here.

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