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A couple of weeks ago Sunrisers duo Eva Gray and Grace Scrivens visited Warren Junior School in Dagenham, where they were invited to deliver an assembly to the school before taking part in a cricket session with the school’s Year Six Girls team.

The players spoke about their journey into cricket, including how they started playing the game, and the experiences that they have had so far. They then hosted a Q&A with over 200 pupils from the school, answering the range of questions that they had on offer, before spending an hour with the school’s girls team focusing on some bowling and catching drills.

After the day, Eva Gray said: “It’s great to get out into the schools and communities around our region and be able to share our story. We are in such a lucky position to be able to be the first group of women who are paid to play cricket, and so being able to inspire so many youngsters is a really special feeling.

A huge part of our ethos at Sunrisers is about inspiring the region that we represent, and show them all that cricket is a great sport which we can all enjoy.”

If your club or school is interested in a Sunrisers player visit, please get in touch via our Player Request Form. The offer is open to all clubs and schools based in the London and East region. We will do our best to fulfil each request, although with the player's schedules this can sometimes prove difficult.

The pupils from Warren Junior School sent their write up of the day to us:

On Monday 30 April 2023 we had two Sunrisers cricket players come in to talk to us about their journey playing cricket.

They talked about being young and playing with their family who encouraged and supported them. It was because of their family that they were inspired to play cricket. When one of the women, Grace, was nine she was already playing for County under 11s cricket team. Since then both ladies have gone on to play higher level cricket. At the moment they are both representing Sunrisers Cricket team.

After the talk, along with our fellow team mates, we were lucky enough to have a ‘private’ coaching session with the ladies. They gave us tips, including keeping our arms straight whilst bowling, we were shown how to catch the ball one-handed and we played against each other.

It was really fun because we actual got to play with professionals and they were really supportive when we were catching and bowling.

It was great and made us want to carry on playing for our School and hopefully we can win our school competitions.

Great Assembly, loved the fact the ladies answered all our questions.

They were friendly and helped us with how to play the game.

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